Brian Morris

I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas.  My father worked at Reese AFB as a civil service welder and my mother was a homemaker who did her level headed best with four boys under foot.  We lived on an acre of land near Reese.
Growing up outside of town gave us the ability to have plenty of animals.  My first pet was a pig.  We also had milking goats, a Shetland pony, game foul, dogs, cats and a parakeet.  I attended Frenship schools from K-12.
After my graduation from high school I followed the footsteps of my grandfather,  father and brothers by joining the United States Navy.  I served for eight wonderful and rewarding years.  During my time in the Navy I never went to sea.  I was a cryptologic technician and most of those jobs were on land.  I’ve lived in Pensacola, Winter Harbor, Maine, Guam, Diego Garcia British Indian Ocean Territory and Key West, Florida.

The military didn’t always provide an environment for a single sailor to own a pet but on Diego Garcia I was able to co-adopt an island cat with other people who lived in the barracks.  Diego Garcia turned out to be my favorite duty station.  The weather was warm year round and the deep sea fishing was world class.  If the Queen of England ever accepts my thumb war challenge I’m confident I can win the island for my very own.
My last stop at Key West did provide the stateside stability to own a pet.  As a lifelong animal lover I jumped at the chance.  After volunteering at the local pound I crossed paths with Petey.  Petey was a pit bull and quite the little rascal.  He was abused by his former owner,  regretfully another sailor.  Petey didn’t like other animals but with training and love he came around and began trusting again.  He got along with everything especially cats because they kept his ears clean.  On a Halloween night in the keys Petey got out and was gone.  Two months later I got a phone call from a man in Atlanta, Georgia.  Evidently his friend found one of my missing posters.  After two months I got my Petey back.  We stayed together for 11 years until he passed away.

After the Navy I took work as a defense contractor for Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc.  Missing West Texas I decided to resign and move back home.  I landscaped and tended bar while I transitioned from the military lifestyle to a civilian one.  After a few years in Lubbock the opportunity to move to Seattle and work for my brothers construction company opened up so I took it.  During my time there it was great but trajedy struck one March night and my life was forever changed.  I was in a motor vehicle accident that nearly took my life.  God had other plans for my life.  I lost an arm but not my life.  I ended up with chronic severe nerve pain but with God, medication and good people in my corner you might not notice I have a neurological disease.

I attended Texas Tech University for three years studying Cultural Anthropology.  One day I will finish my degree.  I love different cultures as much as I like animals.

Two years ago I reconnected with my high school sweetheart after 23 years apart.  Today she is my fiancé.  I love spending time at home with her, her son and our dog Woody.


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